About us

We Want to Make Learning FUN

It would be no surprise to hear that today’s kids are more technologically savvy than any generation before them. Children are engaging with mobile technology at an increasingly earlier age, yet once enrolled in school, much of their educational curriculum is delivered in the same traditional hard-copy format accorded to their parents and grandparents. The OECD PISA 2012 survey into students’ performance in mathematics, reading and science revealed that, of the 34 OECD countries, the performance of students in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia had either declined or stagnated in the past 10 years. Many studies also suggest that increasing student engagement in their education can significantly improve their ability to learn and retain information. This can, in turn, have positive psychological impacts on self-confidence, helping drive a sense of personal achievement and has even been attributed to reducing truancy.

Empowering Young Minds

Edworkz was created in 2014 to enhance the student learning experience by linking educational content with ‘cool’, well-known brands, delivered across dynamic platforms that students are actively using. Our mission is to develop and deliver a broad range of mobile-friendly educational tools and resources that will help children to engage with the content they’re already learning at school. By presenting the information in a fun and interactive way, we want to give every child the best opportunity to excel in their education.